What is I-REC Certification?

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What is I-REC Certification?

I-REC "International Renewable Energy Certificate," is a certificate system used to document and trade energy produced from renewable sources. I-REC is particularly important for energy producers, consumer companies, and participants in the energy market.

I-REC serves the following key functions:

  • Source Documentation: I-REC allows for the verification of the source of electricity generated from renewable energy facilities, enabling those who use this electricity to document their consumption of renewable energy. This assists consumer companies in supporting their sustainability goals.
  • Trade and Monitoring: I-REC certificates facilitate the trading of electricity generated from renewable energy facilities. This provides an opportunity for energy producers to generate additional income and allows consumer companies to increase their consumption of clean energy.
  • Carbon Monitoring and Sustainability Reporting: I-REC certificates can be used to balance and reduce companies' carbon footprints.

The I-REC system can be implemented in different ways in different countries. However, generally, renewable energy producers align I-REC certificates with the amount of energy they produce. These certificates can then be sold to energy users or other companies through trade. I-REC is internationally recognized and aims to promote the global adoption of renewable energy.

16 Kasim 2023